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buying a home after bankruptcy

Buying a Home After Bankruptcy or Foreclosure in Las Vegas

Bankruptcy brings to mind years of being excluded from normal real estate transactions, but that’s not the case. You really can qualify for assistance when buying a home after bankruptcy or foreclosure in Las Vegas.

Losing your home due to foreclosure or a short sale, or finding yourself shut out of conventional mortgage processes after a bankruptcy, is distressing. These barriers based on your past may have begun to seem insurmountable, and you may be wondering how to qualify for financing or a conventional loan after a short sale, bankruptcy, or foreclosure.


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Kym E. Booke knows how to get past these barriers and find a mortgage that is right for you. She’s aware of how tough the real estate market can be under normal circumstances and uses her knowledge of the local industry to find ways for buying a home after bankruptcy.

Getting a Mortgage Post Bankruptcy or Foreclosure

Las Vegas is a special location. The city and its surrounding suburbs grew at a phenomenal rate during the early ’00s and bore the brunt of the housing crash in 2007-08. Foreclosures and bankruptcies were unfortunately common. That has led banks to be especially wary of lending again to people who have already been through a financial wringer.

Yet banks and real estate agents do want to continue to do business in the mortgage and home-buying industries, and the population ripe for re-entry into home ownership is that very group of people who have had to deal with foreclosures and bankruptcies in the past. Kym can work with you and mortgage professionals to find a deal that lets you own a home at a reasonable rate.

How We Can Help

Kym has been dealing in Las Vegas real estate since she was 19, when she bought her first house. She offers services targeted specifically at navigating the Vegas market:

  • She’s a Certified Negotiation Expert, able to wrangle great deals for her customers
  • She’s available each day of the week, which is perfect for those clients with crowded work schedules
  • Her first-hand experience with buying homes in Vegas means you won’t be caught unawares by quirks in the local market
  • She will work with you and the bank to create a plan that facilitates your return to the status of homeowner

Kym Booke wants you to be happy in your new home. If you have been previously shut out due to foreclosures, short sales, or a bankruptcy in your past, contact her at (702) 525-5498 to discuss what you’d need to qualify for a mortgage once again.