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Luxury Homes in Las Vegas

Due to limited supply and high demand, finding luxury homes in Las Vegas can be daunting. And what even is a luxury home, anyway? Classification of luxury real estate and pricing rely on several aspects including but not limited to location, proximity to amenities, security, waterfronts, and views among other features.

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Luxury Homes for Sale and Houses With More than 5 Bedrooms

For the last few years, luxury homes in Las Vegas have appreciated in value significantly as the market has started to rebound from the ’08 crash. In addition, many homeowners are opting to rent rather than sell, which has led to considerable increase in the average listing prices. You will thus need professional help if you seek to own property in this unique market.

When dealing with luxury homes, real estate agents have a greater responsibility in ensuring you get the best value for your money through cost-efficiency. For this reason, it is highly advisable that you enlist the service of a negotiator with extensive experience.

How We Can Help

While negotiation skills are a valuable asset for any real estate agent, those with a Certified Negotiation Expert (CNE) designation are better equipped to get the best possible deals. Kym E. Booke definitely fits this bill. To ensure that she provides the best services to her clients, Kym took extra steps to further her education and expertise in the negotiation domain.

This aspect in addition to her superior negotiation skills has brought customer satisfaction and experience that is synonymous with her services. The benefits of enlisting the services of Kym Booke as Certified Negotiation Experts include:

  • Landing the best possible price for the transaction
  • Having confidence in the decision-making process while making offers and counter offers
  • Peace of mind that the agent possesses the best skills necessary to see the transaction through the offer, negotiation, and closing stages
  • Less inconvenience and stress
  • Faster buying cycle
  • Better results and increased satisfaction

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